Good experience with Emos during compostprocess

Usage of Emos.  

The community of Sand/Italy, has decided to quit from garbage service. All citizens are now authorized to put their garbage to a compost center which is much cheaper than pick-up garbage service. Employees of the compost center take care about handling of diffent wastes by spraying of effective microorganisms (Emos), and if there is too much moistuire, they mix it with fine milled minerals from stones. After composting process, compost will be spread on neighboured sports field to achieve a better growth of the lawn.

Usually compost must be turned three times a day in summer to avoid too high temperatures, but with Emos once a week is enough. Moreover, there are no smell problems anymore, perfect temperatures are between 50 and 55° C. Cuttings of bushes will be shreddered, sprayed with Emos and covered with straw and foil for about 3 months. The finished product will the put on compost hill. After sieving reday made compost will be sold for 10 EUR/ m3.

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