Impressions of a trip through Ireland

Einlagerung von Sodentorf
There`s always heavy rain in the Northwest.  

Left hand traffic – no problem for my husband Dietrich, he drives like an Irish native. Irish car drivers are very considerate of other car drivers. They make room for overtakers and they keep the speed limit of 90 km/h. However, it seems that they ignore the speed limits of 30 and 40 km/h.

„Burren“ is a very sparse landscape with lots of stones and cliffs. Just like at the moon, really breath taking.

The Burren area is about 250 kilometers north of Cork. We have stopped at „Moher”, which is one of the highest cliffs, about 250 meters high. From here we went to Connemara.Before we
stopped at Bellyvaughen with Tea and Garden. There we had delicious cake and the opportunity to see the nice garden.

Excerts from the Irish diary by Astrid Myny

Beautiful irish garden
Peat ready for transport
Peat to dry
Peat stored under a roof