A fine snuff coloured dust covers the shrubs…

Spirals of peat moss blocks are drying

this impression was written in one of Theodor Fontane`s book “Wanderungen” when he walked across the peat moss area of Linum in the county of Ruppin during 19th century.

Usually one is proud if such a well known writer spends his holidays in native areas. However, to get in connection with snuff coloured dust is not what producers of quality peat want. Converters of peat moss are asking for best quality peat with the highest water and air capacity. That means: peat is not peat, even when it is descending from the same country.

When peat moss is too dry, the volume of the pores is reduced and the flexibility of the fabrics is damaged. In this case peat moss can only be used as burn stuff. Quality peat is a question of trust, and an investment into the quality of plant culture.

For example, with a 250 litre bale of peat it is possible to fill around 330 pieces of T 12 pots. Is it really important for the economical success of a culture when the producer pays 0,0133 € or 0,0181 € per pot? The difference is only 0,48 Cents per pot!

Peat converters should take care that their peats are really coming from specialists and not from low-cost-production suppliers. Imagine what happens if their low quality peats come into your production!

Peat moss crop in the Baltic fields