Important factors for a calculating culture


Due to more and more mechanization and automation in gardening, it is getting necessary to choose production tools which make culturing more calculatable.

For that, it is useful to know the properties of the substrate like pore volume, air and water capacity, pHvalue, salt value dry grade, decompose grade (according DIN 13041).

Properties of substrates and raw materials should be constant. Which properties may every cultivateur expect from substrates and raw materials?

Most important for the gardeners are the versatile possibilities of
the substrates and raw materials. Is the substrate able to keep enough water? What about the ability of drain?

Air capacity? Are the plants able to take off he water easily from substrate? Or is the water ”dead”, which means not available for the plant?

Can the pots after dry out successfully irrigated again? How does the substrate behave during continuous cultivation respectively its structure stability?

Is the stability strong enough and how far does the substrate shrink (the less the better)?

Besides, the grades of dryness and decomposing, as well as the pH-value and the salt value are factors of importance.

The substrate supplier has to guarantee that the material is deliverable at every time and in short terms. Supppliers who are not able to make sure that these factors can be guaranteed, have definitely no chances to sell their products to the professsional gardeners.

First of all, the wood has to be cultivated